Audio Pro takes part in interactive exhibition capturing the sound of plants

The aim of the project in Helsingborg Sweden was to create a better understanding of nature's ecosystem and show the deep connection between humans and nature

Swedish speaker manufacturer Audio Pro has been part of creating an artistic, interactive exhibition, which captures the sounds of plants as they convey whether they are stressed, dehydrated or healthy, with visitors to the exhibition able to hear these sounds playing through Audio Pro speakers.

The artistic exhibition named "Nature's Harmony" was installed at the art gallery Kulturhotellet in Helsingborg, Sweden. Kulturhotellet's founder Peter Eriksson and Paul Khadra, who is a music designer and sound artist, are the people behind the project, which aims to give visitors a greater understanding of nature and climate issues, as well as to provide an insight into how we as people could act differently and create a better relationship with nature than we have today.

"Our exhibition demonstrates our connection to nature, and how we are part of one single ecosystem." explains Peter Eriksson, founder of Kulturhotellet. "Man and nature have common challenges and share the same space. It is important that we increase our understanding of this. With this exhibition, we try to answer the question of how to achieve a better future, by working ​ together. "

14 artists have collaborated on the project to create a multi-disciplinary exhibition, where sound, light, video projections, sculptures and interactive elements meet. Sound is an intrinsic part of the interactive exhibition, so Peter Eriksson contacted Swedish speaker manufacturer Audio Pro to enlist their help.

Audio Pro speakers are used to support the sound installation, which reproduces recorded sounds from several different nature reserves in the area. Audio Pro speakers are also used in the interactive sections of the exhibition, where the visitor gets the chance to experience and hear how plants emit different sounds depending on how they are doing at the time.

Jens Henriksen, CCO at Audio Pro, comments, "We were really ​ interested in participating in an exhibition that shows something that we didn't even know was possible - that is, that plants create sounds, and that it is possible to capture those sounds and to use them to learn more about how plants are doing. We believe it is important to learn more about the environment and what we can do to improve it, and it's also very interesting to learn more about something that sounds a bit like science fiction.”
"Recent studies on plant communication show that they respond to acoustic stimuli, for example plants emit clicking sounds through their root tips. In the exhibition, the visitor was able to create sound with the help of sensors placed on trees and plants. Here we could capture the plants' pulses using the same technology that is used in lie detectors and play these sounds via Audio Pro speakers" concludes Peter Eriksson.
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