CES 2024: FiiO launch the R9 Flagship Desktop Music Streamer & best in class Headphone Amplifier with Dual 8-Channel ES9038PRO DACs & HDMI ARC

The R9's EU/US launch leads the FiiO 2024 line-up announcements, alongside the FiiO KA17 Portable USB Headphone DAC/Amplifier, and FiiO K9 PRO ESS Skylight Edition Desktop Headphone Amplifier.

CES, Las Vegas, January 8th 2024: The FiiO R9 Flagship Desktop Audio Player/Streamer & Balanced DAC/Amplifier builds upon the success of FiiO's award-winning R7, launched in 2023.

Equipped with dual high-performance 8-Channel ESS Sabre ES9038PRO DACs and high-power 8-Channel THX AAA 788+ desktop-grade amplification — delivering up to 7300mW of power output — the R9 is a truly powerful and versatile solution for listening to your digital audio. Featuring a wealth of input and output options — including HDMI ARC — the FiiO R9 has been designed to work brilliantly with a host of devices, including: wired headphones, wireless headphones, active speakers, smartphones, PCs, and more.

The FiiO R9 supports high-resolution PCM up to 768kHz/32-Bit, native DSD512 audio, and features MQA decoding. Sporting 4GB of RAM, 64GB of onboard storage (expandable to 2TB via SD card), your personal collection of audio files can be played back using the highly intuitive pre-installed FiiO Music application. In addition, all of your favourite streaming applications — including TIDAL, Apple Music, Qobuz, Amazon Music, Deezer, Spotify, Soundcloud and many more — can be installed directly on to the R9 via either the pre-installed Google Play Store or FiiO Store apps. ​

The R9 runs on a customised version of Android and bypasses Android's SRC restriction globally — meaning the FiiO Music app and other 3rd party streaming applications will deliver their audio in its native quality. Nothing is downsampled as can sometimes happen on other Android devices.


Navigating around the FiiO R9 is easy, thanks to its full-colour Full-HD 6-inch touchscreen display. In addition, the R9 comes supplied with a Bluetooth remote control.

The FiiO R9's 64GB of internal storage is complimented by SD, USB, Optical, Coaxial, and Ethernet inputs, with the FiiO R9 also supporting wireless connectivity thanks to having both 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 on board. Access your music files stored on the onboard memory or SD card; physically connect your audio source, such as an external HDD; wirelessly send audio to the R9 via DLNA or Airplay, or utilise the R9 as a Roon Ready endpoint. You can even transmit music via Bluetooth from your smartphone or PC.

Thanks to its 8-Channel THX AAA-788+ amplifier and dual 8-Channel ESS Sabre ES9038PRO DACs, the FiiO R9 is a highly accomplished and powerful headphone amplifier, offering a choice of wired and wireless connections to your favourite headphones. Single-ended 6.35mm and balanced 4.4mm connections feature, as well as a balanced 4-pin XLR output. With a power output of up to 7300mW, the R9 is more than capable of driving both low-and high-impedance headphones.

In addition, the R9 is able to output audio via Bluetooth using a wide range of different standards — including AAC, SBC, aptX, aptX HD, and LDAC — meaning you're sure to get the best quality connection, whatever wireless headphones you're using.


The FiiO R9 is available from mid-January, priced £1,399 / $1,499

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KA17 Portable USB Headphone DAC/Amplifier

FiiO KA17 Portable USB Headphone DAC/Amplifier
FiiO KA17 Portable USB Headphone DAC/Amplifier

The FiiO KA17 is a small yet powerful portable USB Headphone DAC/Amplifier. Delivering up to 650mW of output power — utilising dual flagship ESS ES9069Q DACs, THX AAA 78+ amplification, and XMOS XU316 USB SoC — this compact powerhouse offers full support for 32-bit/768kHz, MQA, and native DSD512 Hi-Res audio files.

Despite the KA17's portable size, to deliver maximum flexibility, FiiO's engineers have managed to incorporate both Single-ended (3.5 mm) and Balanced (4.4 mm) headphone outputs into slender frame. The 3.5mm output also supports SPDIF output.

The FiiO KA17 offers an excellent solution for a wide range of sources, including Android, iOS, PCs and more. Alongside the KA17 delivering a powerful sound whilst on the go with mobile sources — thanks to it's independent power supply — it also features a 'Desktop Mode' which can be manually selected to increase the power output to an impressive 650mW.

As well as settings being accessible via the built-in screen, the KA17 also works with the FiiO Control media app for Android and iOS. Settings include: Gain ('High' or 'Low'), Filter (8 modes), SPDIF Output, Parametric EQ, Screen Brightness, Volume Step Setting, and more.

The FiiO KA17 will be available from February, priced £139 / $149 / €159

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K9 PRO ESS Skylight Edition Desktop Headphone DAC/Amplifier

The K9 Pro ESS Skylight Edition is a balanced Hi-Res desktop headphone amplifier/DAC that — thanks to its clear transparent acrylic top panel — allows a view of the internal components inside. ​ Featuring dual ES9038 Pro DACs, dual THX AAA 788+ amp technology, multiple inputs/outputs, and Bluetooth 5.0 with support for multiple codecs including aptX HD and LDAC. ​

With MQA support; native playback of audio files up to 384kHz 32Bit PCM/DSD256, and the ability to effortlessly drive headphones featuring an impedance of 16 - 600Ω.

FiiO K9 Pro ESS Skylight Edition features a wide selection of audio input options, including: RCA, Coaxial, Optical, USB-B, USB-C, and balanced 4.4mm. From an audio out perspective — alongside the 6.35mm single-ended, 4.4mm balanced, and 4-pin balanced XLR headphone connections — the FiiO K9 Pro ESS Skylight Edition also features RCA (L/R) line-out as well as balanced 3-pin XLR (L/R) outputs, ensuring compatibility with a host of external devices.

With its dual THX AAA788+ amplification, the K9 Pro ESS Skylight Edition is able to effortlessly power headphones with a wide impedance range of 16 - 600Ω. ​ In addition, Low, Medium and High hardware gain levels can be manually selected from the front panel, allowing you to easily adjust the K9 Pro ESS Skylight Edition for headphones of various impedances and sensitivities, ensuring a consistent listening experience.

Starscream Communications

Starscream Communications




Qualcomm 660


6-inch Full-colour(1080*2160)


4GB / 64GGB

Bluetooth SOC


Bluetooth Receive

SBC / AAC / aptX / aptX LL / aptX Adaptive / aptX HD / LDAC

Roon Ready




Independent USB SOC



8-Channel ES9038PRO × 2


8-Channel THX AAA 788+

Power Output


Digital input

USB / Bluetooth / Coaxial / Optical / HDMI IN / HDMI ARC

Headphone Outputs

XLR-4 / 6.35mm (Single-ended) / 4.4mm (Balanced)

Line Outputs

RCA × 2 / XLR

Digital Output

USB / Coaxial / Optical

Other Output

R9 HDMI Output

External HDMI bypass

Operating Modes

Android Mode

Pure Music Mode


Bluetooth Receiving Mode

Airplay Mode


Optical Mode

Roon Ready



Power supply mode

AC or DC

15V IN

Additional Features

Separated Analogue & Digital Power Supplies

DC/AC Dual Power Supply Design

LED Light in Function Knob / LED Light Around Body


GND Switcher


Power Cord

USB Data Cable

Flat Base

Angled Base

Dust-proof Plug

Micro SD Card Adaptor

6.35mm Adapter,

Bluetooth Remote Control

Protective Film (Factory Applied)

Cleaning Cloth


2.271 kg


160mm x 115mm x 27mm


Fully Liquid Metal Bicolor Body








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