DALI Celebrates 40 years of loudspeaker innovation with the EPIKORE 11: 4½-way Floorstanders with Ultra-low Distortion SMC Gen-2 Technology.

Available in 3 High-gloss Finishes. Featuring EVO-K Hybrid Tweeter module; 1 x 6½-inch EPIKORE Midrange Driver with Custom Paper & Wood Fibre Cone Structure; 4 x 8-inch EPIKORE Woofers.


With the new EPIKORE 11, DALI celebrates 40 years of loudspeaker research and development. ​ The natural evolution of the acclaimed DALI EPICON series — inheriting several new technologies from the DALI KORE flagship speaker — the EPIKORE 11 combines ultimate audio realism with luxurious craftmanship to create a truly exceptional musical experience.


  • 4½-way Design feat. Custom-made Drivers
  • SMC Gen-2 Technology for Ultra-low Distortion
  • EVO-K Hybrid Tweeter Module, comprising a 35mm Soft-dome Tweeter and a 55 x 10mm HF Ribbon Element
  • 1 x 6½-inch EPIKORE Midrange with SMC Gen-2 and Custom Paper and Wood Fibre Cone structure.
  • 4 x 8-inch EPIKORE Woofers with SMC Gen-2
  • New SMC KORE Crossover Inductors
  • Premium Grade Crossover Components
  • Adjustable Aluminium Outriggers
  • New High-end Binding Posts
  • Dual-flare Bass Reflex Ports
  • Die-cast Baffles
  • Available in 3 Exclusive High-gloss Finishes

The DALI EPIKORE 11 is a 4½-way floorstander that sets new standards for low-distortion loudspeaker design. The curved, real-wood veneer cabinet of houses four powerful 8-inch bass drivers, a highly dynamic 6½-inch midrange — each utilising DALI's Soft Magnetic Compound Gen-2 (SMC Gen-2) magnet material — as well as DALI's signature EVO-K Hybrid Tweeter Module.

When using conventional magnets in a speaker design, it is not unusual to experience a phenomenon known as hysteresis. This introduces an unintended resistance to the voice-coil, which can lead to unwanted distortion in the audio signal. Designed to significantly reduces hysteresis, SMC Gen-2 is the next generation of DALI's patented SMC magnet material technology. Introduced in their flagship DALI KORE loudspeaker, SMC Gen-2 is incorporated into the EPIKORE 11 bass and midrange drivers, as well as in the crossover inductor cores, and offers significantly enhanced characteristics over the first-generation SMC, introduced in the EPICON series in 2014. The result is a further reduction in hysteresis, flux-modulation and eddy currents in the magnet system. ​ This translates to even lower loss and distortion, leading the EPIKORE 11 to deliver a highly dynamic and authentic sound reproduction.

The EPIKORE 11 features DALI's signature Paper and Wood Fibre Cone Technology, which serves to reduce weight and adds stiffness; helping promote non-resonant break-up characteristics. With wood fibre cone technology, the EPIKORE 11 produces the finest musical detail and dynamics.

Developed originally for the DALI KORE, the EVO-K Hybrid Tweeter combines a large, in-house developed 35 mm soft dome tweeter and an improved version of DALI's ultra-thin, high performance ribbon tweeter element. Together with the extremely powerful neodymium magnet motor systems, they deliver an astonishingly smooth and effortless high-frequency reproduction at any volume.

"The EPIKORE 11 is the natural progression of our award winning EPICON speaker, applying the learnings from our DALI KORE flagship.", says DALI.

The newly developed 6½-inch EPIKORE Midrange Driver delivers outstanding performance. Featuring the complex embossed geometric structure of the paper and wood fibre diaphragm used in the DALI KORE, which — as well as helping to control the diaphragm modes — lowers distortion without adding additional weight. The titanium voice-coil, and DALI's patented SMC Gen-2 magnet system lowers mechanical loss and distortion even further, allowing for an outstanding sonic performance.

Featuring exceptionally large and powerful magnet systems based on DALI's SMC Gen-2 material, the Four 8-inch Woofers used in the EPIKORE 11 fill any room with a huge, extensive and precise low frequency reproduction. ​ From the lowest, deepest bass frequencies through to the seamless overlap to the midrange driver, the EPIKORE 11 woofers reproduce the finest musical details and dynamics, with very low loss of information.

First introduced in the DALI KORE, the SMC KORE Crossover Inductors used for the EPIKORE 11 feature the world's first SMC Gen-2 inductor cores. ​ When compared with standard air-core inductors, this technology allows lower DC resistance, a shorter signal path and less vulnerability to crosstalk between the inductors, especially at high inductances. ​ These SMC KORE Crossover Inductors, together with hand-picked, high-end capacitors & resistors, ensure the EPIKORE 11's World-class Crossovers are optimised exclusively for the speaker. ​ The properties of SMC Gen-2 material also results in around 12dB less current distortion than equivalent iron-powder core inductors.

Taking inspiration from earlier DALI loudspeakers, the EPIKORE 11 features All-new Bi-wire Capable Binding Posts which include oversize thumbscrews, allowing for better grip on bare wires and spade terminals. The EPIKORE 11 Die-cast Baffles are constructed from acoustically inert and extremely stiff materials that provide a solid and beautiful platform for the drivers, while eliminating unwanted cabinet resonance. Twin Dual-flare Bass Reflex Ports help the bass drivers deliver an exceptionally deep and distortion-free low frequency response.

Designed and built in-house, the DALI EPIKORE 11 exude the minimalism, elegance and style of classic Danish furniture design. With Adjustable Spike Feet Outriggers, ensuring solid, stable contact with the floor, and available in 3 Exclusive High-gloss Finishes (High Gloss Black, High Gloss Maroon and High Gloss Walnut), the new DALI EPIKORE 11 loudspeakers sound — and look — simply stunning.

Epikore 11 will launch in August 2023 priced at $60,000, £39,998, €39,998 per pair.

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