Introducing the Lowther Heritage Collection

Lowther first began crafting hand-built speakers over 90 years ago. Now, audiophiles and music lovers can experience the new limited edition Heritage Collection - a celebration of Lowther's rich engineering history and sonic prowess.


From the 1930s to the 2020s, a lot has changed, but Lowther's pursuit of perfection hasn't.

For the first time in 30 years, Lowther has revived its heritage line of popular speaker systems after an intense period of fine-tuning and testing by their master craftsmen - evolving Lowther classics into something for the modern listener, and even the most discerning of audiophiles. Handcrafted in Great Britain, the new Lowther Heritage Collection provides elegant design and superior sound, all built to last generations.

The Lowther Acousta 117 - from £7,000

Meet the updated Lowther Acousta 116, now known as the Acousta 117. A front-loaded speaker, that’ll work beautifully in any location. Easy to position due to it not being overly dependent on corners for it’s base response, the Acousta is the most cost effective and versatile companion for most audiophile systems.

The Lowther Acouster is, arguably, the best known and most popular Lowther enclosure. This classic product has truly been revived after 30 years and even uses new metal gold coloured badges cast from the 1950's originals. 

The Acouster is designed to work best in larger rooms of 25 sq.m upwards.

Dimensions: Height: 905mm, ​ Width: 470mm, ​ Depth: 375mm



The Lowther Fidelio Mark III - from £7,250

Discover the refreshed Lowther Fidelio Mark II, now known as the Fidelio Mark III. A rear-loaded speaker, ideal in the corner of a room or near a wall. Without changing the Heritage design, Lowther have revived the Fidelio with small changes, resulting in amazing sound.

The Fidelio Mark III now comes with the option to add a PFRCB at build time which can be turned on and off with a switch.

The Fidelio Mark III is designed to work best in larger rooms of 20 sq.m upwards.

Dimensions: Height: 1085mm, ​ Width: 280mm, Depth: 450mm



The Lowther TP2 - from £17,000

Based on one of the legendary early folded corner horn designs, the Lowther TP2 is perfect for providing deep warm audio in the corner of a room.

Some changes were made to the original TP1 design and improvements not only to the build quality, but to all the materials used in the construction of this fabulous corner horn. All materials used to create the TP2 and the other heritage models have been expertly chosen to improve acoustic properties as well as enhance the reliability and long term investment value of the cabinet.

The TP2 is designed to work best in larger rooms of 25 - 30 sq.m upwards.

Dimensions: Height: 1055mm, ​ Width (Front): 820mm, Width (rear): 720mm, Depth: 600mm



Audiophile perfection, in every sense

Perfect quality

All the Heritage Collection Speakers are handmade to order by Lowther’s master craftsmen in Great Britain. Then, they are tested. Rigorously. So that perfect quality has been achieved before they are permitted to step foot outside the workshop doors. They are available for testing at the Lowther Loudspeaker listening room, located in Northampton, UK.

Perfect aesthetic

The Heritage Collection is fully customisable. The customer is in the driving seat and is free to choose from a carefully curated selection of premium veneers. To ensure that every new speaker will blend seamlessly with the customers personal interior style.

Perfect authenticity

Each Heritage Collection Speaker is given a unique serial number and serial plate which is archived and available on the Lowther website as proof of authenticity - allowing the origins of the speaker to be traced and the story to be passed on.

The heritage experience awaits

The Lowther Heritage Collection is available now and is fully customisable with a selection of 8 different veneers to choose from. They are available to buy from the Lowther Loudspeakers website.

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