LETSHUOER Announce CADENZA 12: Flagship IEMs With Hybrid Dynamic/Balanced Armature Drivers

Featuring 12 Separate Drivers, 6-Way Crossover, Ergonomic Titanium Chassis, and 204-Strand Copper/Silver Hybrid Cable for $2,299 / £2,279.

LETSHUOUER have been producing high-quality in-ear monitors (IEMs) since 2016. Their new flagship IEMS, the CADENZA 12, have been conceived from the ground-up by their in-house audio engineers and feature the following no-compromise high-specification components:

  • Ergonomic Titanium Chassis
  • 10mm LSS Kevlar Dome Dynamic Driver
  • Sonion Super-tweeter Balanced Armature Drivers
  • Knowles Tweeter Balanced Armature Drivers
  • Sonion Mid-woofer Balanced Armature Drivers
  • Acoustically-tuned Six-way Crossover
  • 204-Strand Copper/Silver Hybrid Cable

The CADENZA 12's unique 12 driver configuration comprises both dynamic and balanced armature units — a 10mm LCS Kevlar Dome Driver unit together with 11 high-performance balanced armature drivers from Knowles and Sonion — arranged together in a precisely designed six-way crossover. This final driver combination and its corresponding crossover are the result of many hours of testing by LETSHUOUER's acoustic teams, ensuring the CADENZA 12 deliver an incredibly rich, detailed and musical presentation.

The CADENZA 12 feature an ergonomic chassis made of a titanium alloy; the final shape of which is based on the analysis of thousands of sets of ear shapes. This alloy is strong, whilst also low in density, which results in the CADENZA 12 being both lightweight and having a significantly low chassis resonance, which ensures a much cleaner sound profile.

The CADENZA 12 come with a high-purity hybrid cable comprising of 204 strands of 6N monocrystalline copper/silver in a hybrid-weave construction. This combination of different metals was chosen by the LETSHUOER audio engineers to ensure signal integrity thanks to an extremely low in-cable impedance. Dependent upon audio source output, thanks to the supplied modular termination plugs, users are able to select the cable termination from the included 2.5mm (balanced), 3.5mm (single-ended), and 4.4mm (balanced) plugs.


The LETSHUOER CADENZA 12 are available from March 2023, priced $2,299 and £2,279.

Review samples are available now.


Headphone Type

Balanced IEM (In-Ear Monitors)

Driver Type

1 x 10mm LSS Kevlar Dynamic Driver

7 x Sonion Balanced Armature Driver

4 x Knowles Balanced Armature Driver

Frequency Response

20Hz - 30kHz


16Ω (+/- 1%)




110dB/mw (+/- 1%)

Cable Type

204-Strands 6N Monocrystalline Copper/Silver Hybrid

Termination Options

2.5mm Balanced / 3.5mm Single-ended / 4.4mm Balanced

Cable Length



9 x Ear-tips

Headphone Cable

2.5mm Balanced / 3.5mm Single-ended / 4.4mm Balanced Connectors

Cadenza Leather Earphone Case

DIY Detachable Earphone/Accessories Box

Cleaning Cloth

User Guide

Warranty Card

Product Cards

Limited. Edition Cadenza 12 Cooper Plate

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