The new AIO TWIN connected speaker

The AIO TWIN is a pair of wireless connected speakers in a sleek design, withrich and detailed sound.

High-Res streaming : Stream your music in high-resolution from your smartphone or tablet.

High-Res streaming : Stream your music in high-resolution from your smartphone or tablet.

Vinyl : Enjoy your records by connecting your turntable directly using the dedicated
phono input – no need for a hi-fi amplifier, it’s all included inside the speaker.

Multiroom : Create an AIO environment so you can listen to your favorite music throughout your home or stream different music in different rooms.

TV : Connect your TV to your AIO TWIN speakers through the dedicated
optical/SPDIF input and enjoy stereo sound in Hi-Fi quality.

Access a wide choice of streaming services from your smartphone or tablet using the free Triangle AIO app, available on the App Store or Google Play Store. You can also access the music stored on your devices or your home network.

Set up all the TRIANGLE AIO devices on your network using Linkplay technology, and easily monitor all the audio equipment from your home. Control the streaming in each room, adjust the sound level, optimize the sound thanks to the tone controls or pair your speakers with each other directly from the app.

With AIO TWIN, the tonality, the details and the unique experience of listening to a vinyl record are clearly communicated. Thanks to the integrated Phono preamplifier MM, you can connect your turntable directly to the speakers and listen to your records with no fuss.


Rigidity is key to avoid any coloration of the sound. The AIO TWINs are available in a wide choice of finishes – neutral, colored, or more traditional, they will integrate easily with all types of home décor.

Thanks to elegant aluminum feet, fitted with rubber pads, vibrations are minimized. The sound is delivered while preserving the surface of your furniture.

With the AIO TWIN speakers, enjoy high-quality sound and premium design. The choice of materials is critical, not only for the acoustic performance, but also for the aesthetics.

For several years, TRIANGLE has been partnering with the brand Gabriel to manufacture its grilles. The grille of the AIO TWIN was crafted in the “Bond” textile, a premium fabric with a unique look, in harmony with the different finishes of the woodwork. Its oblong shape makes the AIO TWIN a unique decorative and design item.


In line with the research carried out on the AIO program, TRIANGLE uses
its 25mm silk dome, maintaining a soft and detailed sound without
harshness. The silk dome is easy to implement, requiring few crossover
components, while maintaining a linear frequency response.

Associated with neodymium magnets, this tweeter allows optimal heat dissipation and provides better control at high volume. Its partial horn loading reduces reflections to deliver a clear and precise reproduction of high frequencies.

The 13cm driver of the AIO TWIN features a concave membrane in treated paper with no dust cap to increase rigidity, enabling the entire woofer surface to be used. The technology excels at dispersing sound waves and reduces distortion at high volume, while ensuring a great response at low frequencies. The double magnet motor provides high sensitivity, dynamics, and great pace.

The AIO TWIN cabinets ensure high rigidity, avoiding any perceptible coloration due to the resonance of the cabinet. The bass-reflex configuration allows you to extend the response of the speaker in the lower frequencies.

Like all TRIANGLE product ranges, each component is designed and developed in our
French factory in Soissons. Based on more than 40 years of experience, the AIO TWIN
range has followed a strict design protocol, optimizing the speakers, and using innovative technologies for the embedded electronics.

ACCESSORIES : (Included)

  • 1 x power cord
  • 1 x 3 meter speaker cable to connect the amplified speaker to the passive one.
  • 1 x remote control for source selection, volume control and track scan in Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, and tone adjustment.
    Class-D amplifier of 2 x 50W RMS: Can be controlled
    using the app or the supplied remote control,
    allowing tone controls.
    DAC: Efficient digital-to-analogue converter chosen
    for its compatibility with sample rates of 24 bits/ 192
    Bluetooth 5.0 receiver: High quality AAC and AptX
    transmission protocols.
    Networks inputs:
  • Wi-Fi network compatible with 802.11 b/g/n
    standard in the 2.4GHz frequency.
  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet cable for local networks, fast
    configuration, speed & stability of connection.
    USB-A input: Easy connection of a USB stick or disk
    and charging of USB devices.
    UPnP / DLNA: Use the music libraries available on
    your network via the TRIANGLE AIO app. Compatible
    with audio files up to 24 bits /192 kHz.
    Phono preamplifier MM: Easy connection of a
    turntable to enjoy premium RIAA correction.
    Compatible with MM cartridges.
    Subwoofer output: Ideal for connecting a subwoofer,
    increasing the low-frequency output, and creating a
    dramatic sound experience for movies or TV shows.


The AIO TWIN speakers are now available in 5 finishes: Graphite Black, Frosted White, Linen Grey, Abyss Blue and Brown Maple*. The Brown Maple finish will be available from September 2021 at £699.

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