Announcing the K11 R2R: FiiO's first Desktop Headphone Amplifier with a Four-channel Fully Differential 24bit R2R DAC

Both 6.35mm and 4.4mm headphone outputs alongside Coaxial, Optical, USB Type-C, and RCA connections. 1300mW+1300mW Output Power with three gain levels and three independent volume curves. Available from late-July, priced: £149 / $169.

FiiO K11 R2R (Red)
FiiO K11 R2R (Red)

The FiiO K11 R2R Desktop DAC/Amplifier is a versatile low profile Desktop Headphone DAC and Amplifier. With multiple inputs — including USB-Type C, Optical and Coaxial — as well as 6.35mm/4.4mm headphone outputs and RCA stereo line-out, the K11 R2R also features a 1.1-inch VA display which can display information about the audio file being listened to.

Building upon the success of the original K11, the new K11 R2R is the first FiiO DAC/Amplifier to feature a four-channel fully differential 24bit R2R (Resistor-to-Resistor) DAC for a smooth, natural sound output. Offering full support for 32-bit/384kHz and native DSD256 Hi-Res audio files, FiiO has engineered the compact K11 R2R to deliver a power output of up to 1300mW.

The K11 R2R's multi-function volume knob allows total control of the unit. Power the device on and off; access the menu; adjust volume, and more. Users can also quickly switch between Line Out (LO), Pre-out, and Power Out (PO) modes by simply double-pressing the knob.

The K11 R2R is an ideal companion to the SR11 streamer which has an identical form factor, creating a compact headphone listening system.

FiiO K11 R2R is available in either Obsidian Black or Midnight Silver from late July, priced £149 / $169.

A red version of the K11 R2R will launch later this year.

FiiO K11 R2R (Obsidian Black) / FiiO FT5 Headphones
FiiO K11 R2R (Obsidian Black) / FiiO FT5 Headphones


True 24bit R2R DAC Resistor Arrays

The K11 R2R features FiiO’s four-channel fully differential 24bit R2R DAC. Developed in-house, this DAC consists of 2 x 48 precision thin-film resistor arrays per channel, totalling 192 resistors with 0.1% tolerance and low-temperature drift (30ppm).

The fully differential architecture offered by the K11 R2R serves to deliver lower noise than typical architecture — as well as less FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) harmonics — delivering a smooth, rich, and highly musical sound signature.

Complementing the DAC within the K11 R2R is a 4-channel electronic volume controller. This resistor ladder electronic potentiometer delivers both low distortion and low noise, allowing for a highly precise volume adjustment.

3 Gain Levels & Independent Volume Curves

With 3 independent gain-levels and volume-curves (High, Medium, Low), FiiO's engineers have carefully designed the K11 R2R to give a better listening experience with various types of headphones - whether sensitive earphones or harder to drive over-ear headphones.

All-new Specially Designed Audio Circuitry

Within the K11 R2R, the audio signal is transmitted via a USB interface processor to a digital audio bridge. After being processed by an Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), it is sent to the R2R DAC for 4-channel output after decoding. It then passes through two OPA1642 op-amps for low-pass filtering and single-ended analog signal converting, before transmitting to the NJW1195A electronic volume control chip for precise volume adjustment.

The output stage of the K11 R2R uses two SGM8262 op-amps for 4-way phase inversion and amplification, resulting in both single-ended and balanced output signals

FiiO K11 R2R Desktop Amplifier with FiiO SR11 Desktop Streamer and SP3 Active Speakers
FiiO K11 R2R Desktop Amplifier with FiiO SR11 Desktop Streamer and SP3 Active Speakers

Dual NOS/OS Modes

The FiiO K11 R2R gives users the option of choosing playback via either NOS (Non-Oversampling) or OS (Over-sampling) Modes. NOS Mode has been designed to maintain the original sampling rate for decoding, whilst the OS Mode upsamples audio to a high sampling-rate of 384kHz.

Easy Multi-functional Control

Designed to ensure various functions can be accessed simply and quickly, the K11 R2R’s multi-function volume knob is used to power the device on and off, menu operation, volume adjustment, and more. Power Out (PO), Pre-out, and Line Out (LO) modes can be selected by double-pressing the knob, making it easy to connect to different audio setups.

Once selected, these PO/PRE/LO modes handily remember the last volume set in each mode independently, so there is no need to readjust the volume when switching between modes.

Adjustable RGB logo lighting

The FiiO logo on top of the K11 R2R is illuminated with RGB lighting, giving a quick way to identify the sampling rate of the current audio being played back. ​ Brightness, colour, light patterns, and on/off options are all adjustable within the menu.


The Obsidian Black/Midnight Silver versions of the new FiiO K11 R2R will be available from Advanced MP3 Players, Amazon UK, and Amazon US from late July, priced: £149 / $169.

The red version of the K11 R2R will be available later this year.

For review samples/further information, please contact Starscream Communications.

Starscream Communications

Starscream Communications


FiiO K11 R2R Specification:


Fully Differential True 24-bit R2R Resistor Arrays

Main Control Chip


Output (6.35mm Single-ended)

L+R≥460mW+460mW (32Ω, THD+N<1%)

L+R≥50mW+50mW (300Ω, THD+N<1%)

Output (4.4mm Balanced)

L+R≥1300mW+1300mW (32Ω, THD+N<1%)

L+R≥220mW+220mW (300Ω, THD+N<1%)


1 x USB Type-C

1 x Coaxial

1 x Optical


1 x 6.35 mm (Single-ended)

1 x 4.4 mm (Balanced)

1 x L/R RCA

1 x Coaxial

USB Input Decoding

PCM: 384kHz/32bit

DSD: 256

Coaxial Input Decoding

PCM: 192kHz/24bit

Optical Input Decoding

PCM: 96kHz/24bit

Line-out (LO) Mode


Power Out (PO) Mode



1.1-inch LCD VA Segment Display


RGB Lighting



147 x 133 x 32.3 mm



Available Colours

Obsidian Black

Midnight Silver

FiiO K11 R2R Image Downloads:

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