Audiomovers OMNIBUS 3.0 update

Audiomovers announce a landmark update for OMNIBUS - OMNIBUS 3.0.

A preview of the new UI from OMNIBUS 3.0, with Hot Snapshots Panel, NDI network transmitter, and clear device muting all visible
A preview of the new UI from OMNIBUS 3.0, with Hot Snapshots Panel, NDI network transmitter, and clear device muting all visible

As well as new networking options, OMNIBUS 3.0 also features a revamped UI and improvements to existing features for far greater flexibility when routing audio.

The audio routing software - which operates like a virtual patchbay for Mac - will feature new networking functionality, with support for NDI and AVB network protocols. The new networking functionality means OMNIBUS 3.0 can communicate with nearby Omnibus instances running on other machines via one of the networking protocols, simplifying wireless audio routing between devices and machines.

OMNIBUS also now has a flexible virtual device channel count. Each OMNIBUS virtual device can have anything from 2 to 256 channels, depending on preference and use case.

Engineers can also add only the audio devices they wish to route visible in the interface, adding and removing any audio device, from both the list and the routing matrix.

OMNIBUS 3.0 will now allow engineers to capture audio from specific applications (as well as audio devices), regardless of their audio device output routing, and route the audio as required, so engineers can route application audio separately or combine audio sources.

OMNIBUS 3.0 New features in full: ​ 



AVB support (AVB-enabled hardware required)

NDI audio support (Wired and Wireless* )


Flexible and robust audio routing:

Four Virtual Drivers with 2 up to 256 channels

Application Capture (when OMNIBUS is the system playback device)

Add only desired hardware/virtual drivers to routing matrix

Sample Rate Conversion and smart buffer tracking


MIDI and Stream Deck support

MIDI program Change support for snapshots

Support for Stream Deck including Stream Deck Plugin


UI Improvements:

Adjustable darkness levels for matrix background

Hot Snapshot Panel and Menu recall 

Add devices and channel count as needed 


OMNIBUS 3.0 will be available for purchase in Q2 2024, with upgrade options for existing OMNIBUS 2.0 owners.


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